Comfort for Patients, Accuracy for Physicians

At Eastern OBGYN, we offer the latest in comfort as well as clarity for your mammogram. We recently upgraded our technology to the Senographe Pristina, and we think you will be pleased with both the ease of getting your mammogram, as well as the accuracy its images provide for the physician reading your study. 

All in-office mammograms at Eastern OBGYN are performed on the Pristina.

Patient Comfort

Senographe Pristina helps ensure that patients are comfortable during their mammogram.

The soft armrests have replaced the typical hand grips. So rather than tensing muscles to hold a hand grip, patients can rest their arm comfortably on the arm rest and relax their muscles, which can simplify compression and image acquisition.

The gentle, rounded corners of the bucky may reduce anxiety, discomfort and even mammogram pain.

Ease of Positioning

Anxious patients are more prone to moving and contracting muscles, creating challenges for technologists to position them appropriately. By making patients more comfortable during the breast exam, technologists can focus on more suitable positioning, enabling a fast and smooth 3D mammogram experience for both the patient and the technologist.

Clarity for the Physician

Senographe Pristina sets the bar high for diagnostic confidence and performance, leveraging the Senographe family’s widely recognized image quality.

GE Digital Breast Tomosynthesis delivers superior diagnostic accuracy at the same dose as 2D FFDM1, the lowest patient dose of all FDA approved DBT systems.2

The 3D acquisition protocol is made of a V-Preview + 3D CC/MLO with 3D in STD mode. The diagnostic set will include the 2D synthetized views of each acquisition.